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Hollow Illusion playd at AORDDreamer Rock Show #153 *** in Germany at 12.02.16

Looks like the song God Of Rock from our debut album has been played at AORDDreamer Rock Show #153*** in Germany tonight! Cool

*** Playlist AORDreamer Rock Show #153 *** Kissin' Dynamite - Addicted To Metal [Addicted To Metal] (2010) AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep [Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap] (1976) Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (artist page) - Into The Blue [The Day The Earth] (2015) Rage Of Angels - I Feel It In My Heart [The Devils New Tricks] (2016) Ignore The Sign - Ignore The Sign [Ignore The Sign] (2016) Devilskin - Start A Revolution [We Rise] (2016) Hammerfall - A Legend Reborn [Renegades] (2000) Mystic Prophecy - The Cruzefix [War Brigade] (2016) Gotthard - Lay Down The Law [G] (1996) Romeo's Daughter - Heaven In The Back Seat [Romeo's Daughter] (1988) RATT - What You Give Is What You Get [Invasion Of Your Privacy] (1985) Rainbow - I Surrender [Difficult To Cure] (1981) Running Wild - Port Royal [Port Royal] (1988) Hollow Illusion - God Of Rock [Hollow Illusion] (2016) SKIP ROCK - Tell Me Why [Take It Or Leave It] (2015) Sweet & Lynch - Dying Rose [Only To Rise] (2015) AOR - Blueprint For Love [L.A. Darkness] (2016) Pink Cream 69 - Keep Your Eye On The Twisted [Games People Play] (1993) Serenity - Spirit In The Flesh [Codex Atlanticus] (2016) Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [Master Of Puppets] (1986) InnerWish - My World On Fire [InnerWish] (2016) Imperium - Starlight [Dreamhunter] (2016) Aerosmith - Walk This Way [Toys In The Attic] (1975) Led Zeppelin Official - D'yer Mak'er [Houses Of The Holy] (1973) Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World [Rockin' All Over The World] (1977) Van Halen - You Really Got Me [Van Halen] (1978) Vaughn - Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside [Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside] (2000) *** The End *** Es war der pure Wahnsinn. Vielen Dank euch allen für's einschalten

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