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Hollow Illusion on tour in Oakland San Fransico, and Los Angels

Hi evrybody

After 10 years of thought, planning, and Preparation . so will Hollow Illusion finally arrive next Monday 05.07 to the United States , to play 2 concerts .:

1 7:07 , at the Stork Club, in Okaland San Fransico , along with 4 other Bay era bands.

2. The 9:09 , at the legendary Club Whiksey a go go , all our idols have played as : Led Zepplein , Metallica, Guns' Roses, Aerosmith Van Halen , Black Sabbath, to name a few . We will play with 5 other LA bands.

This will be a great experience, and first time Hollow Illusion is and plays in the United States :

Kind regards

Ove, and Magnus

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