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New Hollow Illusion Updates !

Hi everyone!

Accourding to this Coronavirus epidemic, that affect us all over the world, then unfortunately we have to move, and postponed the release date for our new album Hollow Illusion 2, and all our gigs to late in August of 2020.

This can be changed, but all info & updates, will posted here, when we know things 100 %

Our goal is to play shows in Norway, Sweden, and in the UK from August - December 2020, and in countries like Germany, Spain, Iceland, Finland, and in the US, from 2021.

But before our new album will be released, then we're gonna release 3 new singles, and a music video.

2nd Singel v/ video will be release in April. 3rd singel will be release release in May. 4th singel will be release in June.

We have already printed cds, t-shirts and shopping bags with our logo! This will be a very cool package for our fans!

In the meantime, take care of eachother, and we see you all very soon!! ❤🙏🦠.

All the best

Ove & Magnus

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